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Item #: B-2LF2-B
LN & L Series Auto. 1/4" Sockets, FPT

Brass/ Steel


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Foster L Series 1/4" x 1/4" FPT Automatic Socket couplings are interchangeable with Lincoln’s “Long Nose” series couplings and offer quick coupling of all air-operated equipment. They are only available in 1?4" body size, brass and steel construction. Type: One Way Shut-Off Rated Pressure: 300 psig Temp. Range: -40° to +250° Locking Device: Balls or Pins Automatic - Push to Connect, retract socket sleeve to disconnect Locking feature prevents accidental coupler detachment Increased air flow due to a larger air passage. Automatic air check valve shuts off air instantly when uncoupled, providing leak-proof seal. Corrosion resistant steel for long service life. Free swivel helps prevent kinking or curling of air hoses.

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List Price: $14.90