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    Breco 3 Series 1/4" x 1/4" I.D. Steel Hose Stem Plug couplers are designed for rigid mounting that allows a simple push-to-connect operation, contructed of a solid brass body and a steel valve. The "FM" Series are mechnaically interchangeable with similar industrial interchange couplings made by other manufacturers and accept plugs that are found in the catalog on pages 275, 280, 286, and 288. FM Series 3 and 5 couplers comply with A-A-59439. Rated Pressure: 300 psig; vacuum to 27" Hg Temp Range: -40° to 250°F Locking Device: 3 pins *Requires Hose Clamp (See page 200 of catalog for typical hose clamps) Sleeve-Lock Option: Sleeve-Lock feature locks automatic sockets against accidental disconnect. To connect, alighn ball with slot. After connection, rotate sleeve to lock. To disconnect, realign ball with slot and retract sleeve. Sizes available with sleeve lock are shown in the tables in the catalog.

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    Item Description Size Type
    Steel 1/4" Hose I.D. Series "3" 1/4" Plug

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