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Carpet Cleaning

ZSi-Foster Keeps Your Carpet Cleaning Equipment Running Safely, Efficiently, and Leak-Free

Decade after decade, ZSi-Foster has been supporting the carpet cleaning industry, meeting your unique challenges. Our high-quality, high-performance valves, seals, and quick disconnect products are designed to do what you need them to do.

You need to ensure your on-the-job tools can safely handle high pressure and high temperatures. Why take a chance when ZSi-Foster can supply high quality Hydraulic and Straight-Thru QDs built to withstand extreme pressure and high temperatures-no leaking or spilling.

Looking for a valve you can trust will shut-off to avoid spillage and leaks? Our FHK series is a great solution. With its protective cover, the FHK series QD prevents chemical cleaners and caustic agents from spilling and marring surfaces.

You can count on our team to help you select products that work under pressure-without leaking at disconnect.

For example, we offer:

  • A Plastic Protective Cover for the socket to make it easy for disconnecting or reconnecting an otherwise untouchable (i.e. too hot) quick disconnect. The cover also prolongs QD life by acting as a protective barrier from dings, dents, and scratches.
  • The Breco Carpet Clean ISO-B quick disconnect can meet any carpet cleaning need. With a redesigned valve and internal components, it's specifically engineered to offer strong airflow, high PSI, and efficient performance. Field tested and subjected to rigorous cleaning applications, it has been proven to perform under pressure without leaking or failing.
  • Our team of professionals is reliable and fast to respond. If you need a product designed to meet your unique specifications, we can work with you to develop one.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

A real person with real knowledge will answer the phone when you call. If you need a seal that can handle high temperatures and different chemicals, without leakage, talk to us. We'll find the solution that works for you.

What ZSi-Foster Carpet Cleaning Customers Are Saying

  • "We really like the new design of the Breco Quick Disconnect. It's easy to use and meets the needs of our applications. It's compatible with other products, and just a great value. The service and support provided by the ZSi-Foster team gives us confidence that they will be there to help us. We will continue to buy from ZSi-Foster."
  • "With ZSi-Foster's products we're confident we don't have to worry about leaking carpet cleaning solution or chemicals that could ruin flooring."
  • "Love the FHK valve-so glad your engineer talked to us about it-no more spills and that's a big deal in our business."
  • "Who knew you offered protective covers for wands? This is perfect."


B7500-2 Valve

Did You Know?

ZSi-Foster offers the B7500-2 Valve T-Valve which is rated to 3,000 PSIG and has a flow-rate of 5 GPM. This quarter-turn brass valve can handle temperatures from -400 to 3000 F.

We also offer Drain Cocks, Garden Hose Couplings and a 3-Way Sleeve with Optional Lockout which all offer superior performance for carpet cleaning.


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