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ZSi-Foster Keeps the Energy Industry Powered Up, Productive, and Contamination-Free

We're a leader in providing high-performance, superior quality clamps, strut, and quick disconnect products

When you're in the energy business, whether you're in solar, oil and gas, or fracking, time is money. Your operation needs to be running smoothly, with minimal downtime and the highest degree of safety possible.

You want to make sure you're getting high quality, durable products you can rely on-or modify-when the situation arises. What's more, you need products that meet all of your specifications whether you require a special size, particular material, or a safety or contamination prevention feature.

Looking to prevent pressure loss? ZSi-Foster offers a double seal on our brass FHK Series which prevents loss of negative pressure. We provide reliable products that consistently perform to your high standards and expectations and are available when you need them.

You can count on our team to help you keep your energy business running smoothly and safely.

For decades, ZSi-Foster has been supporting the solar, oil and gas, and fracking industries meeting your unique equipment needs. Our high-quality, high-performance valves, cushioned and hydraulic clamps, blow guns, hose fittings, and hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnects are designed to do what you need them to do.

Whether you're looking for cushioned clamps to prevent corrosion and vibration, or quick disconnects that can prevent contamination or handle high temperatures, ZSi-Foster can help. For example:

  • For solar companies, we offer our brass FHK series valve with two seals so you don't have to worry about loss of negative pressure on the vacuum when creating solar cells. Plus, we offer a locking feature to prevent an accidental disconnect.
  • For coal-fired power plants where you have high temperatures to burst coal and you need to inject oil for ignition, the ZSi-Foster FHK Series ISO-B Hydraulic Quick Disconnect is the solution.
  • Our FH & FIH Series Quick Disconnect provides superior reliability for hydraulic and pneumatic applications related to handling gases and fluids. We offer options for static pressure hydraulic systems and pneumatic air tool use.

In addition, there's an optional Ball Lock feature to prevent accidental disconnect. You simply align the ball with the slot to connect and rotate the sleeve to lock it. To disconnect, realign the ball and slot and retract the sleeve. It's simple and easy.

Our team of professionals is reliable and quick to respond so your energy business can keep running efficiently with minimal downtime and no spillage, leaks, or contamination from dirt or debris.

If you need a product to meet your unique specifications, we can provide one from our extensive inventory or work with you to develop one.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

A real person with real knowledge will answer the phone when you call. Want to talk directly to an engineer? No problem. We're able to move quickly to address your challenges or concerns or design a product to your specifications.

What ZSi-Foster Energy Customers Are Saying

  • "Your valves have helped us contain contamination and debris which is critical in the oil and gas business. ZSi-Foster is the most reliable company in the business."
  • "We were shocked you had the 1" ISO-B in brass and steel and the ISO-B 303SS material in the FHK series in stock and ready to deliver. We called two other companies and both of them said it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. ZSi-Foster always comes through for us."
  • "The quality of Foster Manufacturing products is unsurpassed."


NEW Flat Face Coupler Series

Did You Know?

ZSi-Foster recently added a Flat Face Coupler series to our product line. The FF series is ideal for high pressure applications where leak-free performance is critical.

Tested to 1,200 hours of protection from white and red rust, the FF series minimizes air inclusion upon connection which lowers the risk of contamination-and the flat face design prevents fluid loss during disconnect. For added safety, we've also included a sleeve-lock to prevent accidental disconnects.


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