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ZSi-Foster's Products Keep Noise, Dust, and Contaminants Out.

We’re a leader in providing high-performance, superior quality clamps, hose fittings, and hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnects.

With ZSi-Foster you can feel confident the clamps, valves, and quick disconnects you’re using allow your product to flow freely without losing pressure or experiencing vibration.

In addition, you can trust you’re getting high quality, extremely durable products you can count on to deliver ease of use and the highest degree of safety.

Looking for quick disconnect that doesn’t lose pressure or get stuck? Our Straight-Thru products get the job done. Because there’s no valve in the socket or the plug both ends of the lines are exhausted at disconnect. There’s no need to worry about jamming. Your product flows through freely without pressure loss.

You can count on our team to help you keep your fluid power and handling running smoothly.

ZSi-Foster has been supporting the fluid power and handling industry for years. We’re committed to meeting your unique challenges whether you’re handling chemicals, water, coal, natural gas, dog food, or other media.

Our high-quality, high-performance clamps, strut, hose fittings, and quick disconnect products are designed to do what you need them to do. 

Whether you’re looking for cushioned clamps to prevent vibration, quick disconnects that can handle high PSI, or strut that won’t rust or corrode, ZSi-Foster can help. 

  • Our Cush-a-Nator channel-mounted clamping system is built for high vibration, high temperatures, expansion, and contraction of pipes.
  • Cush-a-Claw is ideal for lighter vibration and is designed to withstand a corrosive environment. It allows pipe installation to be done by one person and is offered in strut-mounted and surface-mounted versions.
  • The rugged Beta Hydraulic Clamp is an economical and easy way to secure pipe, tube, and hoses. Shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening, and noise-reducing Beta Clamps allow a surge to go vertical or horizontal without disruption to the clamp.
  • The FHK Series incorporates valves in both socket and plug halves to minimize fluid loss when the product is disconnected. Available in 1/8” to 1” body sizes, the FHK Series features radiused holes for the locking balls, which delivers greater wear resistance and a longer coupling life.

As an added benefit, the FHK Series can hold a minimum 27" Hg for two hours with no evidence of vacuum decay (test temp = 71o F).

  • Our 6600 Series couplings feature poppet valves with a solid metal perch for maintaining valve alignment and preventing flow checking. Since the sleeves of the socket and plug are case hardened, the couplings are resistant to damage from brinelling and mechanical shock. A durable ball-locking mechanism ensures a reliable connection.

Our team of professionals is reliable and fast to respond so you’re up and running quickly. If you need a product designed to meet your unique specifications, we can work with you to develop one.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

A real person with real knowledge will answer the phone when you call. Our team takes a true hands-on approach to help resolve the most demanding challenges.

What ZSI-Foster Fluid Power and Handling Customers Are Saying

“Because you offer such a wide range of sizes with your pneumatic quick disconnects, it makes my job easier.” 

“Your FF series couplers have made a significant difference for us. Our fluid loss is minimal.”

“Being able to modify the thread end connections on your FST Series allowed us to eliminate fittings. Eliminating the fittings eliminated leaks.”


Reusable Hose Clamp

Did You Know?

When you have a hose that fails, simply remove our reusable hose fitting, cut off the bad section of hose, and reattach our fitting. ZSi-Foster reusable hose clamps come in a variety of sizes.


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