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Item #: FVEP-12P-12ORB
FVEP Screw-On Plug for High Pressure Applications

List Price: $96.60



FVEP Screw-On Plug for High Pressure Applications

      • Connect and Disconnect with up to 5,075 psi Residual Pressure

      • Zinc Nickle Plated Carbon Steel

      • Rated for 1,200 Hours

      • Protection Against White and Red Rust

      • Large body size – 1/2=" to 1-1/4"

      • Operating temperatures with Nitrile Seals: -40°F to 223°F

      • Screw Thread Connection Eliminates Brinelling

      • Orange Seal for Proper Connection Verification

      • Socket Sleeve can be Pushed Back for Access to the Mating Face

      • Flat Face Design Prevents Fluid Loss During Disconnection


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Additional Specifications:

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Size material thread_size
3/4" Steel 1-1 /6"-12 F-ORB