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General Contractors Choose ZSi-Foster Because We’re Reliable and We Offer the Products You Need To Get The Job Done

We’re a recognized leader in providing high-performance, superior quality cushioned clamps, insulation saddles, rooftop support blocks, strut, blow guns, hose fittings, and quick disconnect products.

ZSi-Foster knows the construction business. We understand you need products you can trust to provide:

  • Outstanding corrosion prevention
  • Superior shock and vibration absorption
  • Excellent vapor barrier protection
  • Adaptability to high pressure and extreme temperatures

We know getting the products to your job site is mission critical. Time is money in construction and contracting.

That’s why HVAC/R, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors turn to the experts at ZSi-Foster. Our job is to make your job easier.

  • Our Cush-a-Nator channel-mounted cushioned clamps are built for high vibration, high temp, expansion, and contraction of pipes. It’s the easiest cushioned clamp system to install: lay pipe runs first, add clamps second. Rework is a breeze since individual clamps can be replaced without moving pipes or tubes.
  • Cush-a-Claw is ideal for lighter vibration and is designed to withstand a corrosive environment. It allows pipe installation to be done by one person, because one end of the pipe can be anchored, then the other end installed. Cush-a-Claws are offered in strut-mounted and surface-mounted versions.
  • The rugged Beta Clamp is an economical and easy way to secure pipes and hoses, allowing for shock absorption, vibration-dampening and noise reduction. Ideal for clamping pipe, tube, hose, and electrical cables, the Beta Clamp is a simple, easy way to secure them in all types of applications.
  • The Cush-A-Block Rooftop Support System has a unique flow-through channel to prevent water build-up, has molded in easy-grip handles, and pre-installed anchors for the fastest strut installation. It’s made of 100% recycled material, suitable for LEEDS projects, and its visibility strip is molded in, not painted on, for lasting safety. It is UV- resistant and suitable for installation on most types of roofing material or other flat surfaces. Designed to dampen vibration, it’s resistant to freeze and thaw and features a built-in channel to easily align strut.
  • Our Cush-A-Glide is designed for fast installation of copper tube or pipe. Spread the clamp apart, place over tube or pipe, and fasten one side. Push in the opposite side to the desired tightness, allowing for expansion and contraction, then fasten the other side.
  • Our Insulation Saddles, the Snap-A-Saddle™, Snap-A-Saddle Pro™, and Snap-A-Saddle Multi™ offer both a value and high-end option. The Snap-A-Saddle Pro’s high sides and patented surface allow insulated pipes to move easily as they expand and contract without compromising the vapor barrier. The Snap-A-Saddle Multi is a configurable set of insulation saddles with snap-in adapters for Clevis hangers, floor mounts, I-beams, and more.
  • ZSi-Foster carries an extensive inventory of made-in-America Spring Steel electrical supports. Because we inventory in multiple locations, we can get these to you quickly.

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