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ZSi-Foster Products Help Prevent Contamination and Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly.

We are a leader in providing high-performance, superior quality clamps, strut, and quick disconnect products.

In agriculture or mining, your heavy equipment needs to be operating at maximum efficiency. After all, time is money. But you also cannot risk fluid contamination or leakage. That's why your best choice is ZSi-Foster.

For 32 years the mining and heavy equipment industries have counted on ZSi-Foster for products which meet your requirements for form, fit, and function. We can also custom design products to solve your unique challenges. At ZSi-Foster we focus on solutions that deliver:

Performance-whether you need a product to meet high flow or temperature extremes, you can feel confident your ZSi-Foster product will work.

Durability-because you need to know the clamps, strut, or hydraulic QDs are rugged enough to take a beating and keep working.

Ease of Use-because your operators want a foolproof way to disconnect and avoid contamination from crossed lines or fluids which could get mixed.

Looking for a way to align valves that open and close so you avoid leaks? ZSi-Foster offers a 3/4" Wing Nut-a unique way to guarantee correct valve alignment and be certain it's absolutely leak-free.

Perhaps it's critical you prevent lines from crossing. If so, we offer color coding in the FF and FHK series. Color coding makes it easy to connect both halves correctly.

Plus, we offer different types of valve configurations-including ball, needle, and flat-faced-which can help you achieve flow and pressure requirements.

You can count on our team to help you keep your agricultural, mining, and other commercial heavy equipment running productively and efficiently.

Our high-quality, high-performance clamps, strut, seals, and quick disconnect products are designed to do what you need them to do.

Whether you're looking for cushioned clamps to hold hydraulic lines firmly in place, quick disconnects that can handle high flow and extreme pressure requirements, seals that won't leak, or strut that won't rust or corrode, ZSi-Foster can help.

  • The rugged Beta Clamp is an economical and easy way to secure hydraulic lines. Shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening, and noise-reducing Beta Clamps allow a surge to go vertical or horizontal without disruption to the clamp. ZSi-Foster can supply Beta Clamps quickly and efficiently because the cushions are made in our U.S. factory.
  • ZSi-Foster's Flat-Faced Coupler Series is a foolproof way to connect under pressure. Manufactured in both nickel-plated steel and 316 stainless, it's designed to minimize air inclusion upon connection and features a sleeve-lock to prevent accidental disconnect. Designed for applications where hydraulic spillage is a concern, the valve configuration prevents any loss of fluid on disconnect.
  • Our FWN Series Wing-Nut Couplers are ideal for use on hydraulic applications with operating pressures up to 3,000 PSI. This heavy duty double shut-off coupler allows you to connect and disconnect under pressure with minimal air inclusion and fluid loss. A brass body provides superior corrosion-resistance.

Our team of professionals is reliable and fast to respond when you contact us. We will recommend the right product for your application. If you need a product designed to meet your unique specifications, we'll work with you to develop one.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

A real person will answer the phone when you call. In addition, you can speak directly with our engineers. Z Si-Foster has our own machining and testing equipment so we can thoroughly test the product before you take it out in the field.

What ZSi-Foster Agriculture, Mining, and other Commercial Heavy Equipment Customers Are Saying...

  • "The fact that you have products that meet domestic and international interchanges is a big plus for us."
  • "Your color coding system is great-it has saved us a lot of time and no doubt quite a few incorrect couplings."
  • "Working directly with your engineers and being able to test the product is worth its weight in gold. You don't get that with the big guys."


3 Series Manual Pneumatic Coupler

Did You Know?

The rugged 3 Series Pneumatic Coupler, a manual push-to-connect to the industrial interchange, provides high flow performance and minimal pressure drop in a small size. And, it's available in multiple body materials, seal materials, and thread end connections. One of the coupler's most popular features is the ball-lock for preventing accidental disconnect. The 3 Series Pneumatic Coupler is made with a high flow metal valve and utilizes precision molded seals to form a "bubble tight" seal for reliable operation within rated working pressures. The proven ball locking mechanism, with large numbers of stainless steel locking balls, evenly distributes the load to resist wear and provide positive connections. Its swiveling action reduces hose torque.

This Pneumatic Coupler is ideal for use with air brakes and trailers and is perfect for purging lines. You can use it for compressed air, gases, and liquids. Finally, knurling and/or grooves on the sleeve provide a gripping surface for ease of operation.

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