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Serpent Clamps

Announcing the Strut Serpent®

A breakthrough product from ZSi-Foster!

This patented worm gear strut clamp is a game-changer for securing conduit, pipe, tube, or hose to strut. The unique design offers ease of installation that reduces labor costs by 60% or more over standard two-piece loose nut and bolt strut clamps. The worm gear tightening mechanism ensures secure attachment of EMT and rigid conduit up to 2” sizes. It easily installs into any industry-standard 1-5/8 inch or 1-1/2-inch-wide strut systems of any depth, gauge, or material.

“We wanted to improve how EMT, Rigid Conduit, Pipe, Tube, and even hose gets attached to strut. Saving time and labor costs were critical elements in considering the development of this unique new product. And we believed that adding the worm gear tightening mechanism to a clamp that could be attached to the strut would be a vast improvement over what is available today. The Strut Serpent is the first-ever strut clamp offered of its kind bringing this unique concept together, and changes everything about how pipe of diverse types get attached to strut”.

- Tom Wright, VP of Clamp and Support Systems inventor of the Strut Serpent.

Click here to see a video about Strut Serpent.

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