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Item #: SV5505CA

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ZSi-Foster 210 Series 1/4" x 3/8" I.D. Hose Stem Safety Vent Socket couplings are designed for maximum user and equipment safety. ZSi-Foster SV and SVPC Series couplings allow for safe and easy connection/disconnection under zero line pressure to minimize the possibility of inadvertent disconnection and potential hose whip. The fully encapsulated non-marring models significantly reduce the risk of surface nicks and scratches. Ideal for use in paint booth applications or for air lines used around finished surfaces, such as fiberglass, painted metal or glass surfaces. Requires Hose Clamp (See page 200 of the catalog for typical hose clamps).
  • Rubber or polyurethane hose connections available
  • Extra thick heat-treated steel walls extend service life
  • Zero pressure connect/disconnect design vents down stream pressure for safe, easy connect/disconnect. It also minimizes possible inadvertent disconnection and potentially dangerous hose whip
  • O-ring plug seal for leak-free performance
  • No valve, spring, or washer that could block flow of air
  • Silicone-free assembly.
  • Meets ISO 4414, 9.6 Quick-Action Couplings requirements

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Size Type
3/4" MPT Series "5" Coaxial Coupler

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