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ZSi-Foster Keeps the Transportation Industry Rolling

We're a leader in providing high-performance, superior quality hose fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnects, and wing-nut couplers with valve guides for preventing spillage and leaks.

In the transportation industry, time on the road or rails, in the fields or mines is money. You need to be confident the product you're transporting will be delivered with no issue. And when you're transporting fluids, you want to make sure to avoid leaks or spillage that might cause environmental damage.

At ZSi-Foster you can count on high quality, extremely durable products that get the job done. And our team is geared to working with you to meet your pricing requirements.

You can count on our team to help you run efficiently

For 30 years ZSi-Foster has been supporting the transportation industry, meeting the demands for reliable, cost-efficient products.

Our high-quality, high-performance hose fittings and quick connect products are designed to do what you need them to do-connect or disconnect under pressure.

  • Looking for wing-nut that helps prevent leaks at disconnect? ZSi-Foster manufactures a wing-nut with valve guide designed to stay straight-and closed-after disconnect. As a result, there's no leakage or spillage through the line. You're getting better performance at the same list price as the competition.
  • Our VEP Flat Face Style Quick Disconnects are ideal where hydraulic spillage is a concern and you're connecting under pressure.
  • Designed for 2-way shut-off, the FlatFace style QD┬áis configured to prevent any loss of fluid upon disconnect and minimize entry of air upon connection.

Produced in zinc nickel plating, unlike competitor's products, the FF Plus QD provides 1,200 hours of protection against white and red rust. A sleeve-lock prevents accidental disconnects.

Our team of professionals is reliable and fast to respond-and dedicated to ensuring your products are delivered with no leaks, spillage, or risk of contamination.

If you need a product designed to meet your unique specifications, we can work with you to develop one.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

ZSi-Foster is able to respond to your calls quickly. When you call, you'll get a real person who can answer your questions-not the endless run-around.

Because we're on the leading edge, we're always innovating. You can count on us to consistently come to market with new products designed to solve ever-changing challenges, including higher operating pressures.

What ZSi-Foster Transportation Customers Are Saying

  • "I remember hearing ZSi-Foster offered this so we ordered samples. This is a great product."
  • "This wing nut with valve guide is terrific-no more leakage."
  • "No question. Your product lasts longer!"


Did You Know?

ZSi-Foster recently launched the NEW FlatFace QD with a ball locking mechanism. Instead of having to screw the two halves together with a thread connect, you simply push the two halves together to automatically connect. Simple, fast, easy!


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