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Item #: UX11815
Cush-A-Therm™. 1-1/2 Wall Thickness

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Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp is a perfect crush-resistant airtight seal for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipe lines that require continuous insulation.

  • Rigid foam construction has an insulating tape inner lining to support tube and absorb vibration.
  • Outer cover consists of a special rubber coating which seals the cushion after installation to prevent condensation.
  • Strong closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid cooling lines to prevent condensation, save energy, and maintain the vapor barrier

ASHRAE Insulation Recommendations Cush-A-Therm is designed to meet the ASHRAE recommendations for insulation for mechanical systems which indicate that insulated pipe hangers should provide the following:

  • Complete sealing of pipe against water vapor ingress and no interruption of the insulation envelope
  • No energy transfer of cold to supporting clamp to prevent condensation of water and possible growth of mold. If the support incasing the insulation is in contact with the pipe or tube and supported by a metallic clamp, which is not protected by insulation, below ambient temperatures will be transfer to the clamp causing energy transfer and condensation.
  • Limit or avoid compression at support location

Additional Specifications:

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Length copper_id cushion_od hole_size ips
2.953 1" 4.125" 1-1/8 ID 3/4"


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