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Air Tools

ZSi-Foster Delivers Products That Safely Perform Under Pressure

We're a leader in providing the air tools industry with high-performance, superior quality pneumatic hoses, fittings, and quick disconnect products.

Your air tools need extremely durable hoses, blow guns, and pneumatic QDs built to withstand variables such as extreme pressure, flow, and high speed. You want to ensure your tools can safely handle the pressure of compressed air. ZSi-Foster can help.

Looking for a safe way to install couplings, prevent accidental disconnect, and safely vent line pressure? Our Universal Safety Vent (USV) coupler features a secure method of connection. The USV connects by inserting a plug into the coupling. Once connected, the sleeve is rotated to lock the connection, preventing an unintended disconnect and hose whip, which can damage equipment and create a safety hazard. To disconnect the USV you simply twist and pull back on the sleeve. Any downstream pressure is safely vented before the plug can be removed.

You can count on our team to help you select products that work under pressure-without leaking at disconnect.

Not sure which products you need to use for your application? Let ZSi-Foster make it simple for you. Just call us and ask. For example, you may need:

  • Our Swivel Fittings which are designed to improve maneuverability and ergonomics when using air tools and spray guns. Functioning like a universal joint, swivel fittings allow the hose to remain vertical at all times. This helps reduce operator fatigue, repetitive motion trauma, and fitting chafe. Furthermore, these fittings increase the life of the air hose.
  • The fittings swivel 360 degrees in two independent planes. They're available in a non-marring series which is ideal for applications where non-marring and scratch reduction is needed.
  • The Foster SV series safety-vent sockets which are "zero pressure" connect/disconnect type couplers designed to safely vent downstream pressure prior to disconnect. Our SV sockets are particularly helpful for single-hand operation when they're mounted to hard lines such as an overhead air drop. Once inserted into the SV socket, the plug is lightly gripped, staying in place and allowing the operator to use the same hand to actuate the sleeve to the "on" position. The SV socket securely locks the plug into place before flow begins.

Foster Manufacturing SV sockets can also be used as a 3-way valve to turn off the flow of air and exhaust the d ownstream pressure without disengaging the plug. Foster SV series sockets are the solution to preventing hose-whip dangers which come with accidental disconnect.

Need extra help resolving a problem?

A real person will answer the phone when you call. Whether you need help determining which product you're using-or you need a product manufactured in a different material such as brass, steel, or stainless-steel-simply call ZSi-Foster. We're your partner.

Our team of professionals is reliable and fast to respond. If you need a product designed to meet your unique specifications, we can work with you to develop one.

What ZSi-Foster Air Tool Customers Are Saying

  • "ZSi-Foster products are durable and reliable. We know we don't have to worry about air leaks or wasted energy."
  • "The Locking USV is a terrific product. It gives us locking and safety for less than we were paying for safety alone."
  • "I didn't know you offered pneumatic hoses and quick disconnects. We'll definitely be ordering again."


Free Swivel Under Pressure Industrial Interchange Plugs

Did You Know?

Our Free Swivel Under Pressure Industrial Interchange Plugs are high-flow metal plugs featuring precision metal seals which form a "bubble tight" seal for reliable operation. Our ball locking mechanism allows the stainless-steel locking balls to evenly distribute the load. This helps resist wear while the swiveling action reduces hose kinks.

In addition, our engineers designed the sockets to include a sleeve guard which protects the sleeve and helps prevent accidental disconnects. Since there are grooves on the sleeve you can easily grip the surface for ease of operation


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