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Item #: 210-3603S/S
210 & O Series 1/4" Auto. Sockets, Hose Stem


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Connect ZSi-Foster 210 Series 1/4" x 1/4" Hose I.D. 303 Stainless Steel Automatic Sockets for a secure fit. The 210 Series Sockets are available manual or automatic to connect designs and interchange with 1?4" body size ARO 210 series plugs. Type: One-Way Shut-Off Rated Pressure: 300 psig Temperature Range: -40 to +250 Locking Device: Stainless Steel Pins Operation: Automatic - Push to Connect, retract socket sleeve to disconnect Requires Hose Clamp (See page 200 of Catalog for typical hose clamps)

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List Price: $44.66