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Item #: FP352
FJT Series 1/4" thru 1/2" Plugs, MPT

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ZSi-Foster FJT Series 1/4" x 3/8" I.D. 90 Degree Brass Hose Stem Socket Injection Mold couplings are specifically designed for connecting coolant lines to molds and dies, on injection molding machinery in the plastics and die casting industries. Injection Mold Series couplings significantly reduce machine downtime by providing fast and easy connection of coolant lines during mold changes. Their short nipples can be recessed below the surface of the mold for more efficient storage of molds. Injection Mold Series couplers are available with or without valves in the female half. Non-valved couplers provide maximum flow for efficient cooling. Valved couplers shut off when disconnected. Requires Hose Clamp (See page 200 of the catalog for typical hose clamps).
  • Max Working Pressure of 200 Psig.
  • Temp Range: -90F to 440F.

Additional Specifications:

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Item Description Size Type
Brass 3/8" Plug, 1/4" MPT Series "FJT 1/4"" thru 1/2" Plug


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